Using the Antwerp Bike Share System

Antwerp is very close to the Netherlands, but when it comes to cycling it is rather different. Although people cycle more upright and more for everyday purposes than in many other countries, the infrastructure is on a totally different level. In fact, I was recently invited to come and visit Antwerp to see the cycling infrastructure and film it and write about it, because it could do with some attention and an upgrade. I will take up that invitation, but by chance I already did visit the city with my partner for a long weekend. We had not planned to cycle, but with that invitation in mind and being in a hotel that was a bit further away from everything we decided to test the Antwerp shared bike system.

The Shared Bicycle System in Antwerp is simply called “Velo”. And now that I have I can’t believe I never used it before! It is as simple as the name suggests to register on the website for a day or a week pass. As a temporary visitor an annual subscription card is usually too much. That is why we opted for the 10-euro week pass, that we could use on our four-day visit. We used our smart phone to go to the website (with roaming costs abolished in the EU that is easy and convenient nowadays), we subscribed and we instantly received a user code and password by mail.

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