Shanghai will be -by the end of 2016- the largest public bike share program.

The free floating Chinese public use bike program, has expanded into Shenzhen, China. Started in April 2016 in Shanghai, there are now Mobikes in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen according to Also this week, Mobike introduced a new Mobike Light bicycle. According to the Shanghai Daily, this bike will first be deployed in the Baoshan District, just north of Shanghai. It will cost around 7¢US per 30 minutes to use this new bike. One half the price of using the original Mobike! Between these two bicycles, Mobike hopes to have 100,000 bicycles on the streets of greater Shanghai by the end of the year. That would overtake Hangzhou for the title of the city with the world’s be largest public bike share program. Read on here.