Seattle’s Mayor Murray kills city-run bike-share program

Seattle’s city-run bike-share program is dead. Officials had planned to roll out a new system with electric bikes to replace Pronto, the city’s troubled bike-share system.

But Mayor Ed Murray on Friday said millions of dollars allocated for the new system will be spent instead on bike- and pedestrian-safety projects. And the city no longer will pursue an agreement with Quebec-based Bewegen to put electric bikes on Seattle’s streets, said Benton Strong, a Murray spokesman.

Pronto is scheduled to shut down at the end of March, so the announcement means the city will soon have no public system at all.
The mayor — who is running for re-election this year — seemed to leave the door open to the possibility of the city hosting a private or partly private system.

He said he remains “optimistic about the future of bike share in Seattle.” But the city is moving its money in another direction.

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