Scooters vs Bikes: SA’s bike-share program may feel effects of scooters

From Southtown to downtown San Antonio, it seems like at every corner you can find a Bird or Lime scooter sitting or on the move. It’s nothing new that the scooters are seeing success, but it could be at the cost of the Alamo City’s bike-share program.

Q: Has there already been a decrease in usage for the bike-share program?

A: “Any time there’s new technology that comes on the scene, in any industry, it takes a while to see what the impact is going to be,” J.D. Simpson, executive director of San Antonio Bike Share, said.

There are 64 bike-share programs with about 550 bikes that can be found around the city and only after a few months, there hasn’t been a sizable impact. “It’s a new technology and we certainly appreciate new technology and anything that’s going to come along and help make transportation easy and better in San Antonio,” said Simpson.

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