Pashley’s “Sadiq Cycle” is streets ahead of the existing “Boris Bike”

The new Santander Cycles public hire bike, unveiled in London this morning, is a big improvement on previous models. It feels quicker, slicker and features 24-inch wheels instead of the existing 26-inch wheels – this is said to improve the bike’s acceleration from a standing start. The bike is assembled in Stratford-upon-Avon by Pashley. The bike’s aluminium frames are shipped in from Asia, and some are given a polyester coating and top lacquer in the Pashley paint-shop.

BikeBiz was given an exclusive first look – and first ride – on the “Prospect” bicycle. Audio of this ride, and a Pashley factory tour with general manager Steven Bell can be heard on the Spokesmen podcast, published today.

Pashley is patenting the bike’s headstock (existing “Boris bikes” suffer from wobbly front-ends because of problems with the current headstock).

The new lighting system is better positioned, brighter and more effective, says Pashley. The new rear mudguard (longer and deeper than the old one) also features a brake-light which comes on when the new Shimano drum brakes are activated.

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