Partnership in Padua

The Padua Bike share scheme has already made great progress in 2015 and is planning more. They started the year by holding a bike festival in mid-April using the theme of “feeling the planet, energy for life”.  This was given strong political support with the City Mobility Councillor Stefano Grigoletto attending and not only using the traditional bike, but also the new e-bike. He was so keen on the scheme he wanted a membership card immediately. Also the Deputy Mayor Eleonora Mosco tried out the fantastic red bike sharing bicycle of Padua (photo?).

In May, the city will take part in the European Cycling Challenge 2015 (ECC). This involves citizens across Europe using a bicycle to go to work, school, shopping, sharing a passion for the bike and comparing the results with other cities. It runs for the whole of May and lots of cities all across Europe are already signed up – is yours? There is still time – see info here

The Bicycle Office of Padua also recently held an event for students at the city university – these are the main clients for the BS system. It was a fantastic occasion to promote Padua Bike Sharing and the ECC 2015 – research had showed that only 20% of them had previously known about BS or ECC. With more than 80% of commuters interested in using a bicycle more often, Padua is also planning an extension to the city bike sharing system with three more parking stations funded by the Veneto Region.

Promoting bike use in Padua works on the partnership principle. The city administration has worked with Bicincitta, a private bike share company for almost four years to promote and provide the BS system in the city, see info here . As you can see from the photo (my one taken in Krakow), Loretta Marini and Paola Bellocchio make a very good team.