oBike users sweat on deposit refunds as company hits the skids

An inability to recoup the $70 deposit for a bike-sharing app have left consumers doubting the company’s viability in Sydney. While oBike has ceased operating in Melbourne and Singapore, in Sydney it appears to be business as usual.

The company’s latest Facebook post, posted on Monday, advertised ride discounts and free membership for people who parked the bikes responsibly. The post attracted comments from those wondering why the deposit refund button had disappeared from the app, and all questions from June 25 have gone unanswered. When the ride-sharing company launched in Australia last year, users paid a $69 deposit that was refundable if they wished to stop using the service.
As the company’s troubles grew, the deposit was turned into a “Super VIP membership”, and the refund button disappeared from the app.

User posts to the oBike Facebook page showed people trying to gain refunds as far back as the start of June. “I logged into my account today to refund my deposit only to discover that my deposit has been used for an SVIP membership that I did not consent to,” Facebook user Fi Mac wrote. “I am still waiting to receive my refund deposit,” ‎Samantha Riegl‎ wrote. “Could someone please help me out?”

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