Nicosia scraps pricey bike rental scheme (August 2015)

Nearly four years after it was launched at a cost of at least €800,000, the Nicosia bicycle rental scheme has been scrapped.As from Monday, those Nicosia municipalities which took part in the scheme have started to dismantle the 27 bike rental pick up/drop off points or ‘stations’ and to remove the bicycles.

A new service is planned.

“Negotiations for a maintenance contract with Nextbike, the international company which successfully runs a similar scheme in Limassol, are under way,” said Michael Anastasiades, head of the financial department of the Strovolos municipality and president of the intermunicipal company in charge of the project.

However, once the new company takes over, it will take at least six months to get a new updated service running.

Some €800,000 was invested in the original scheme, of which around 50 per cent was contributed by the communications ministry. According to Michalis Lambrinos, senior executive engineer at the ministry, the rest of the cost was divided between the seven municipalities that took part in the scheme when it was launched in 2011.

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