Meeting with the politician and senior management of Krakow

The third VeloCittà project meeting took place in the center of Krakow, Poland and was hosted by the Municipality of Krakow. The main focus of the meeting was to work on the ongoing topics and discuss on the way forward. But mainly the meeting was about sharing information across the different sites. Mr Lukasz Szewczyk, the director of the Municipal Services Department gives an interesting presentation on Krakow’s sustainable transport situation. Krakow organized two big meetings with important stakeholders; Kraków will focus on residents, tourists and students as main target groups. They organized several face- to face meetings with stakeholders. An initial concept for first campaign steps was worked out together in the meetings. Closer cooperation with some universities and districts was initiated. Further stakeholders meetings foreseen in April 2015.

Mr Marcin Wojcik introduced the Krakow Bike Sharing Scheme. By Friday the 27th of March the new system is operational. For the last 7 years each year a new operator re-launches the scheme. This scheme now has 300 bikes and 34 stations. The whole system is the property of the municipality. In 2016 and 2017 the current system will be hugely expanded.

On the picture you see from left to right:

Mr. Adam Migdał – city councillor

Mr. Dariusz Niewitała, Senior Specialist in the Municipal Services Department of the City of Krakow

Mr. Łukasz Szewczyk Deputy Director of the Municipal Services Department of the City of Krakow

Ms. Joanna Majdecka – Junior Specialist in the Municipal Services Department of the City of Krakow