LTA will open 2-month window for bike-sharing operators to apply for licence; recalcitrant users face 1-year ban

SINGAPORE – Users of bicycle-sharing services who are caught parking indiscriminately three times in a year will face a ban of up to one year from using all bicycle-sharing services, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said in a media statement on Friday (May 5).

The spelling out of sanctions against recalcitrant cyclists came as the LTA also announced that bicycle-sharing operators will have two months, from May 8, to apply for a licence. This follows the tabling of the Parking Places (Amendment) Bill in March, a piece of legislation aimed at tackling the indiscriminate parking of about 100,000 shared bicycles in Singapore.

The licence will let a bike-sharing company operate for up to two years. Existing operators which fail to submit an application will have to cease operations once the application window closes on July 7.

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