How to turn cafes into rental points of a citywide bike sharing; in and outside Russia

We developed a service, which makes it possible to connect city cafes into a network of bike sharing points. Users can get a bike in seconds and return it in any cafe connected to Cafebike, the payment will be charged automatically upon finishing the ride. Cafebike already works in St.Petersburg and is ready for launch in other cities globally.
Cafebike is simple
Cafebike doesn’t require automated stations or locks. Ramp up costs are less than $200–300 and annual operation costs $30–50 on a per bike basis. It’s 10–30 times less than the costs of launching bike sharing with any other technology. Low costs make it attractive option for individuals, communities or businesses considering starting up a public bike sharing in their city as well as for traditional bicycle rental business willing to expand and increase profitability.

Cafebike is now looking for expansion via setting partnerships with city governments or bicycle businesses in most cities or launching own operations in selected cities. A partner gets a step-by-step plan, materials and support required for successful launch and operation. App localization challenges are already solved — payments processing system can bill users in all currencies and any language can be added in days.

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