How Bike Share Supports Access to Work, Skills, Education or Training

Bike share offers a pay-as-you-go, reliable, flexible A to B, transport solution which complements public transport and improves health and well-being.

Bike share supports access to work, training and education in the following ways:

  • Job creation: By directly creating jobs in operational and marketing functions as well as often supporting local charities or CIC offering training to long term unemployed and youth offenders
  • Access to work: Bike share offers last mile connection from bus and rail stations2,3 to employment sites especially for those unable to afford a car or their own bicycle. Or those without anywhere to store their own bike at home.
  • Help for the unemployed: Bike share membership is a low cost, flexible, healthy support mechanism for those without work to help them access job opportunities.
  • Relieving parking and congestion problems: Bike share supports new developments or allows sites to add new jobs without creating additional pressure on parking spaces or local roads4.
  • Economic development: Bike share stimulates economic growth in a number of ways which in turn creates further employment opportunities
  • Cyclists spend more money in city centres that those travelling by car5
  • Bike share draws visitors to tourist attractions through a fun, flexible fast and affordable travel mode.
  • Bike share can reduce travel times7
  • Cyclists have increase productivity, are healthier and take less time off

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