Greta will cost far less than Rome bike-sharing competitor Uber Jump

Commuters and tourists in Rome now have a new bike-sharing option with the arrival in the capital of Greta, the pedal-assisted e-bike operated by American micro-mobility company Helbiz. Named after the teenage Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg, the new white bicycles will be in competition with the recently-launched Jump, the bright red bikes operated by Uber.

The white Greta e-bikes cost far less than the bright-red Jump bicycles, however Uber covers an area of 57 square kilometres, more than double that of the 27-sqm area covered by Helbiz.
Greta bikes costs 25 cent to unlock, half the 50 cent unlocking fee charged by Uber Jump, and costs 7 cent a minute, in comparison to Jump’s 20 cent per minute fee. Both Uber and Helbiz operate with the support of the city of Rome.

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