Fostering cycling in city centers via public bike sharing systems: Bupapest

Transportation solutions must be integrated into the objectives of urban planning in order to
support the sustainable development of cities. In doing so, less pollutive transport modes
such as walking, cycling and public transport must be readily available.
The transport system is one of the most essential components of the City of Kocaeli’s
infrastructure; its development determines the future of the city. Integrating public
transportation with walking and cycling is no longer a secondary solution, but rather the
optimum solution for urban mobility in Kocaeli. For this reason, Kocaeli collaborated with
Budapest through this project to study implementation scenarios and provide capacity
building and technical support for the implementation of cycle lanes and bike sharing
The project is structured into three main activities. First, needs and gaps are identified via
kick-off and face-to-face meetings in Kocaeli in collaboration with EMBARQ Turkey and
KOBIS (Kocaeli Public Bike Sharing Program) Operator Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality.
Second, knowledge is gained by KBB during a technical visit to Budapest. Lastly a
benchmarking study with KBB officials and the EMBARQ Turkey team was conducted during
a technical visit to Kocaeli’s city center. The EMBARQ Turkey team completed road safety
inspections of existing cycle lanes and locations of public bike sharing stations.
It is seen that, both cities developed cycling infrastructure and public bike sharing systems
within their city centers according to the urban transportation strategy plans and goals. In
Kocaeli some parts of the network were missing and opposite to the MOL Bubi (Budapest
Public Bike Sharing Program) system, KOBIS is mainly utilized for recreational purposes.
The project revealed that cycling networks should be designed as a coherent system to
enable safe travel for all cyclists. In addition, bike sharing systems should be more
accessible and integrated into the roadway network. Read more here.