European Best Practices in Bike Sharing Systems (2009)

Bike sharing systems may be used alone or combined with other types of public transportation. It is less restrictive and often faster than a car. Nonetheless, it also means rethinking the use of the streets and the transit to ensure safety and mobility. Bike sharing systems are a high performance service, which enables everyone to take advantage of a practical, inexpensive and ecological means of transport 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, providing a new approach to urban mobility. Bike sharing system in Europe has so definitely become a role model for sustainable transport. It’s even now a worldwide movement in which European major cities like Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam has a strong leadership. Paris and Barcelona have all strategy plans to implement changes in transportation habits. The strategy plans are different from one city to another. This worldwide movement enables a city’s administration to study the plan so as to adapt and improve them for their own city. Read the full document here.