E-Bike Share Schemes Start to Roll Out in UK with Government Funding

In 2015 the UK government made GBP 700,000 (€ 880,000) available to fund e-bike sharing projects across the UK. Spring 2016 sees the winning bidders start to roll out their schemes.

Town centre e-bikes for short term use, e-bikes for tackling some of the UK’s steepest hills, specially adapted e-bikes for those with a disability, e-bikes for tourists and staff use at a tourist honeypot; all these and more were winning ideas awarded funding and their schemes are now starting to roll out across the UK.

Sustainable transport charity Carplus managed the bidding and awards process and their website sets out the philosophy behind it; “By supporting schemes in a range of different settings, the programme will gather evidence on which people, places and journeys are best served by shared electric bikes.”

The schemes are also now part of Bikeplus, created to represent the UK’s bike share schemes (electric and non-electric). Sixteen UK towns and cities currently have bike share schemes with more on the way. It aims to collect usage data so it can help make bike share schemes more successful.

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