Data mining is why billions are being pumped into dockless bikes

If investors aren’t interested in the bikes in dockless bike share systems and they only want to mine the data it’s possible that tech companies will be looking for a quick return on the investment and will possibly go off to feast on another data-rich sector some time soon, leaving an awful lot of share bikes to rot by the roadside.

Research Report on China Bicycle Sharing Industry, 2017-2021 is a 50-page report. It stresses that the sector faces stiff challenges:

“While bringing convenience for residents, the industry is faced with a number of problems. Due to the non-docking nature of bicycle sharing, many users park bike wherever they want — even on motor lanes or pedestrian lanes. In many places, traffic police have detained sharing bicycles because of illegal parking. In addition, these bikes are also being vandalized and stolen.”

Nevertheless, the report estimates that by the end of 2016, the supply of sharing bicycles had exceeded 3 million and is currently increasing by one million per month. There has been 18 million bicycle sharing users by the end of 2016 and will increase by 200,000 per month in the rest of 2017.

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