Copenhagen to pull plug on pricey city bikes

The City of Copenhagen has given the provider behind its costly and under-used bike share programme 14 days to deliver or it will officially kill the project “in order to limit loss”. VIDEO: Copenhagen circle bridge on its way (19 Mar 15) Danish bike culture even cooler than you thought (05 Nov 14) Get off your high horse, Copenhagen cyclists (12 Aug 14) After receiving less than a fourth of the bicycles promised by provider GoBike, the City of Copenhagen is threatening to pull the plug on its pricey bike-share programme. GoBike was supposed to have delivered 1,860 new high-tech bicycles, complete with GPS-enabled tablets and electric motors, to Copenhagen for an expansive bike-share programme aimed at commuters and tourists. But mid-way through the month, just 424 of the bikes have arrived and GoBike has said it cannot provide the remainder. City officials are now resigned to the fact that they will have to kill their prestige project, which was introduced with great fanfare and to massive criticism in 2013. Read on here.