Cambridge MP calls for bike-share regulation as Mobike launches 100-bike trial

Over a year after Ofo’s bright yellow bikes arrived in Cambridge, a second dockless bike-share company, Mobike, has launched a trial in the city, prompting Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner to call for greater regulation of dockless bike-share services. Mobike’s trial began on Thursday 21st June with 25 bikes, and it will expand to 100 over the course of the month. Ofo, which was launched in Cambridge in April 2017, has already brought 550 bikes to the city, and has announced further plans to expand their operations. Mobike’s business model is similar to other dockless bike-share companies, with users downloading an app, using the app to find and unlock a bike, and leaving the bike wherever they want when they finish using it.

The model has come under criticism for leaving bikes vulnerable to vandalism. Ofo bikes in Cambridge have been thrown off a bridge, hung from the Princess Diana memorial, smashed with a large rock, and impounded at police stations.

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