Bike Sharing Schemes in China Bring Components Shortages

TAIPEI, Taiwan – It was one of the most discussed topics at last week’s Taipei Cycle Show; the current huge demand for basic bicycles destined for usage at the many bike sharing schemes in China. These bicycles are currently produced by the hundreds of thousands per month. This is said to be leading to parts shortages.

Bike Sharing Schemes in China Bring Components Shortages
In cities like Shenzhen public bikes are being dumped on huge piles. China’s bike-share craziness is expected to stop by year-end. – Photo AFP
Currently the biggest Chines makers are producing them in unheard of quantities. Fushida is said to produce the coming months from 700,000 to 1.2 million units per month! And this is not the only bicycle producer that has orders for hundreds of thousands per month. One of the biggest bike sharing operators in the country, Mobike, even signed an exclusive strategic partnership with Foxconn Technology Group, known as the manufacturer of Apple iPhones, in a move to double the annual bicycle production capacity to more than 10 million units! Read more here.

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