Bike share companies Ofo, oBike and Reddy Go set to depart Australian shores

FOR months, Aussies have complained of dumped share bikes littering the streets — and now, it seems the dockless bike experiment has failed spectacularly. Chinese-owned Ofo has just announced it will be withdrawing from Australia within two months, following hot on the heels of several other big-name competitors. The stunning turnaround comes less than a year after the Ofo scheme was first rolled out in Adelaide in October 2017, followed by Sydney soon after.


In a statement released to today, the company confirmed it now had made a “strategic decision to focus on priority markets internationally”. “Ofo will therefore wind-down operations in Adelaide and Sydney during the next 60 days,” the statement reads. “As part of this process, Ofo will begin to remove bikes from cities and consolidate them to our warehouses. “This decision does not come lightly, and Ofo Australia will act responsibly in each market as it winds down operations, resolving any outstanding concerns before finalising operations.”

But Ofo is just the latest bike share operator to leave Australian shores.

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