A planning toolkit for Indian cities

The Indian Ministry of Urban Development is committed to helping cities develop high quality transport systems that offer sustainable mobility options for their residents. These systems should reflect the spirit of India’s National Urban Transport Policy, which emphasises the importance of moving people, not vehicles. Public cycle sharing can play a key role in improving last-mile connectivity as well as modal share of cycling besides raising the image of cycling in Indian cities. Cycling is green and healthy, and it reduces the burden on our strained road networks.

The public bicycling schemes that are popular in western countries are a relatively new concept in India. In the last few years, several Indian cities have shown interest with setting up such systems. The Ministry of Urban Development recognises that non-motorised modes of transport, like cycling, are an important part of making urban transport more sustainable.

To launch the National Public Bicycle Scheme and to build capacity for the implementation and operation of cycle sharing systems, the first consultation meeting held last year received overwhelming support and commendation. After the first consultation meeting, the Ministry organised four sub-groups to research different aspects of cycling sharing:

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