9 Game-changing Things You Won’t Truly Understand About Metrobike Until You Try It

My first encounter with bike share happened just about a year ago when I traveled to New York City from LA for a few months, and for the first time in a while, I found myself without a bike to ride. Citi Bike was the obvious solution, and it didn’t take long for me to fall into the rhythm of relying on it to get almost everywhere I went.
Overall the experience was wonderful. It was more reliable and cost effective than the train, and way faster than pretty much any alternative. If I’d been asked, I would have rated it 9/10 (minus one point for why are the handlebars always sticky?). And yet, deep down, I don’t believe I ever saw myself using it outside of a tourist’s context. When I got back to LA, I hopped back on my own personal ride, and that was that.

Thus, I present to you 9 game-changing things you won’t truly understand about Metrobike until you’ve tried it:

1. You don’t have to make a round trip                                                                                                                                                                       2. You don’t have to plan ahead
3. You don’t have to carry a lock
4. It’s always in good working order
5. You get more respect on the road
6. You can go places with your friends
7. It’s safer
8. It strengthens your sense of community and place
9. Bikeshare is not bike rental.

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