VeloCittà 2016 (Rotterdam, November 30, 2016)

1st European Conference on Bike Sharing Points to Surge in Interest

ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands – European city politicians gathered at the first European Bike Share conference signed a ‘statement of support’ to promote bike sharing. In addition the 150+ delegates heard of plans to set up a global bike share platform to help cities, operators and others to run and spread bike share more efficiently.

The conference that took place on November 30 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands marked the animated end of the 3-year European VeloCittá project. The conference delegates came from more than 25 countries, highlighting the surge of interest by many cities across Europe in bike sharing in recent years. It also shows that cities and other stakeholders still have many “black spots” when it comes to this topic. The conference addressed the most asked questions.

Making a significant difference
Participants could learn from the 5 VeloCittá cities of Krakow, Burgos, London, Szeged and Padua, who described how well targeted, professional marketing campaigns make a significant difference in user levels and satisfaction. Inspiring keynote speakers from the USA, Spain and Ireland emphasized among others the importance of stakeholder cooperation, proper and long-term planning, securing financing from various sources.

Political statement of support
Highlight of the conference was the signing of the political statement of support for bike sharing schemes by 17 politicians from 12 cities in 9 countries. Seven politicians signed on stage, the others had already signed beforehand but could not be present. The politicians urged VeloCittá and the statement of support for bike sharing to be presented to the European Commission and the European Parliament. This could lead to more support on a policy as well as financial level from European institutions.

VeloCitta becomes Bike Share Cities

Bike share takes off

Signed Statement of Support - final

Global Platform
Judging by the enthusiastic reactions by local and regional authorities, the conference was such a success that VeloCittá is now actively discussing plans for a global platform including an even larger-scale bike sharing event next year.

More at

For the 10 Golden Rules on bike sharing schemes see: 10  Golden Rules for Bike Sharing

Here you will find the minutes:


Presentations can be downloaded here:

Presentation Nicole Freedman USA

Presentation Jim Moore Ireland

Presentation Alberto Castro Spain

Presentation - Burgos (text only) & Burgos Pecha Kucha slides

Presentation - Krakow (text only) & Kraków Pecha Kucha slides

Presentation - Padua (text only) & Padua Pecha Kucha slides

Speech Councillor Langenberg Rotterdam

Introductory project presentation (text only)

Presentation Szeged (text only) & Sund Szeged Pecha Kucha slides


Signing of the Political Statement on Bike Sharing. On stage: Councillor Langeberg (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Cllr. Michniowski (Bielsko-Biała, Poland), Cllr. Brathwaite (London Lambeth, UK), Cllrs. Stefano and Bernabei (Rome, Italy), Cllr. Harkin (Greater Manchester Region), Cllr. Russo (Region Calabria, Italy).

Signing of the Political Statement on Bike Sharing


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Original Invitation

The European VeloCittà project would like to invite you to join our European Bike Sharing Conference: Bike sharing: “Recipes for Success”.

The agenda booklet can be found here. It includes the full programme, a bio of all speakers and condensed information on the VeloCitta project and results.

The conference is held alongside this year’s Polis Conference. The bike sharing symposium will take place on Wednesday November 30th and is followed by the Annual Polis Conference on December 1st and 2nd. We expect an audience of people with a specific interest in bike sharing: city representatives as well as scholars, cycling experts and bike share operators from around Europe.

This is the VeloCittà "Political Statement of Support for bike-sharing schemes". We urge politicians to sign this, either when in Rotterdam on November 30th or beforehand already (then please send a signed version back to We will present the signed Statement to the European Commissioner for Mobility and Transport and to the members of the European Parliament Transport Committee.

Practical information: How to get to the venue

Location: the modern conference centre De Doelen in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Entrance to De Doelen from Kruisplein 40. Registration takes place from 09:15 onwards in the Foyer on the 3rd floor. The plenary session starts at 10:00 in the Van Weelde room on the 4th floor.

The conference is free of charge.

More information for potential exhibitors can be found here:
Exhibitor invitation letter
POLIS-conference sponsorship-offer

Registration is now closed - we have reached our maximum capacity



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