With more than 600 cities in 49 countries worldwide bike sharing has experienced an enormous growth and is one of the fastest ways to make energy efficient and sustainable transport available in urban area’s.

Are BSSs a success? Depends who you ask!”; or as Bert van Wee, professor of transportation policy at Delft University of Technology, puts it in the same article “any assessment of a bicycle program is highly dependent on your definition of success.’’

In any case, Bicycle Share Systems can be effective in taking a first step towards a transition in transport, energy and the environment — a transition that is needed in the next decades. But all the answers on how and with which effects exactly are not there yet. VeloCittà will contribute to finding these answers.

VeloCittà seeks to change the travel behaviour of the public through two complementary approaches:
• Utilisation of user segmentation techniques to overcome perceptual and/or attitudinal barriers
• Adoption of the most effective available operational solutions with regard to financial organisation and political involvement to improve the performance of the Bicycle Share Systems


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