VeloCitta’s objectives are:

  • To draw on existing proven techniques to bring about behavioural change, leading to increased use of BSS through effective communication approaches in each of the six focus areas of the project.
  • To improve the organisational and operational efficiency of the BSS in each of the six focus areas of the project, by addressing issues related to political involvement & commitment and financing & organisation
  • To analyse and collate information on effective actions for increasing BSS use, and transfer knowledge and exchange experience between partners and other organisations engaged in VeloCittà and other organisations with existing BSS.
  • To improve energy efficiency by shifting journeys currently undertaken by car and public transport to cycling, both by increasing the use of BSS and by increase the mode share of cycling across the case study regions, by increasing the visibility and acceptability of cycling.
  • To analyse and assess the impacts of the project to spread information about the cost-effective opportunity represented by this type of investment for public mobility
  • To provide a permanent online Bike Sharing Workspace, a ‘home’ for information and advice to cities on ‘Bike Sharing Systems’

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