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There is a lot of interest in the subject of improving the functioning of Bicycle Share Systems. Whether it is how to deal with implementation problems, making a solid business case or looking for (new) ways to set up effective campaigns.

It is because of this interest and the mutual gain if cities become active followers, that we set the task to get at least 15 European followers and 5 non-European followers in all different countries by the end of the project. VeloCittà defines “followers” as cities or bike share operators that have indicated in writing (either by signing the Political Statement or by providing a case study on their existing bike share scheme) that they are interested in the project outcomes and willing to use or share them and that they are interested in in exchanging bike share knowledge and / or that they are interested in participating in a more permanent European bike share platform.

The goal was to have at least 15 European Follower cities and 5 non-European follower cities. VeloCittà has outdone itself by attracting 29 European followers, bringing the total to 31. The result: we have 15 cities / regions that have signed the Political Statement “Statement of Support for bike-sharing schemes in our communities” and 14 European and 2 USA case studies of existing bike share schemes in the workspace. The full list and more details can be found in the resource section.

The followers will participate in activities and share information such as:
• ‘Awareness and communication approaches’ adapted and applied in each BSS;
• Organisational, financial, and technological approaches adapted and applied in each BSS;
• Documentation on communication and other behavior changing approaches available;
• Evaluation and dissemination of results. Evidence documented;
• Stakeholders and sponsors attracted targets to be quantified;
• More institutional support, targets to be quantified;
• New shared bikes, target to be quantified (optional);

If you would like for your city to join VeloCitta and benefit from its results and want to know more, please e-mail us.


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