The major outputs of this demonstration project:

  • Communication campaigns aimed at target users designed and implemented in all case study sites, based on market segmentation reports stemming from analysis of specific key segments within target user groups (commuters, employees, tourists, students, residents)
  • 5 fact-sheet (one per market segment) in many EU languages about effective communication activities to encourage the use of shared bikes and 2 fact sheets about optimising the BSS business case and the political involvement;
  • A city based European (and World) Workspace on Bike Sharing Systems that finds its ongoing base after the project, including on-line Knowledge Centers on market segmentation/marketing campaigns and on organisation and operation of BSSs and including an on-line ‘European Map on Bike Sharing Systems’ filled by the database
  • A signed Political Statement by all five Demonstration site politicians
  • 15 European follower cities / Bike Sharing schemes and 5 non-European followers present in the BSS database/Workspace
  • Articulated dissemination material, including 6 e-Newsletters, Project Folder, Project E-Postcard, Project E-Brochure, 6 E-Fact Sheet-Magazines, and Final Project E-Brochure.



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