Understanding VeloCittà

The Platform

Upon completion of the Project, a team of project partners sought to continue the activities by establishing an enduring Platform for Cities and Bike Share providing cities with intelligence, good practice and networking. Team VeloCittà is now promoting a sequence of conferences, training workshops and position papers addressing bike sharing in the wider context of sustainable mobility and spatial planning.

Team VeloCittà is now taking the platform forwards in a sequence of conferences, workshops and position papers. Team VeloCittà has produced a position paper onBike Share Networks‘ concluding with: “The bike share world is currently very dynamic with new developments increasingly happening in relation to all aspects of this sector. VeloCittà is committed to analyse new and serious alternative models so as to help cities and operators make the most efficient decisions both for the cities and the bike users, but also for the operating companies.  Read more on a ‘Geo Fence Zone Plan for Cities & Bike Share’”


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