Understanding VeloCittà

The VeloCittà project brought together the urban Bike Sharing Schemes (BSS) from London (UK), Krakow (PL), Burgos (SP), Szeged (HU) and Padua (IT). They increases the levels of use by implementing campaigns for specific target groups and by executing operational improvements.

The project also aimed to support other BS schemes across Europe to increase their user numbers and efficiency by providing a knowledge and experience base on communications and operational approaches, in the form of a permanent online Bike Sharing workspace.

VeloCittà replicated select behaviour changing approaches that were tested and proven effective by other initiatives. We did this to address the problems and target groups we had identified in cities with Bicycle Share Systems. We developed approaches based on communication & awareness campaigns and organisational & operational adjustments. All our reports and deliverables can be found in the resource section.

VeloCittà ran from March 2014 – February 2017.

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