VeloCittà, the International  Platform for Cities & Bike Share

VeloCittà becomes VeloCittà, the International  Platform for Cities & Bike Share and the Mayor of Rome invites you to attend the second international VeloCittà conference in Rome on November 16, 2017 in the prestigious Protomoteca Hall of the Capitol Hill of Rome. We can offer you an exciting program. More info can be found here soon.

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VeloCittà aimes to provide inspiration and build capacity in local authorities and BSS stakeholders. We worke with stakeholders that are engaged with the design and implementation of effective and resource-efficient solutions.  This results in a boost in the uptake of BSS’s and set in motion a beneficial snowball effect on urban cycling as a whole. The European project ended in February 2017 and now sees its results continued in VeloCittà, the World Platform for Cities & Bike Share

The Final project report is out now, showing casing all activities, results and lessons! You can download it here.

VeloCittá‘s 10 Golden Rules for Municipalities on Bike Share Systems can be found here.

Please send any comments or queries to: Renske Martijnse: r.martijnse[at] (Project Coordinator) or Pascal van den Noort operations[at] (Dissemination & Communication Manager)

First European bike-sharing conference
Borough of Southwark
Borough of Lambeth
Friday 22nd September 2017


The Amsterdam city government recently decided that they are going to remove free floating rental bikes from the streets. Many other European cities have come to this conclusion too. The argument is that the free floating system doesn’t help to reduce the number of bikes in the city and in essence this is simply a migration of bike rental shops onto the streets. Each local government is currently investigating the problem and is in need of further regulation if it wants to keep on stimulating bike entrepreneurs. X-Bike’s advice when it comes to local policies and the various possible ways of sharing bikes is simple: research, moderation and rule making. Be aware of what cycling means in your city. How many bikes, how many rides, how many users, the quality of the product and much more. Increase the number of bikes gradually to meet the demand of the users. Make rules for your system or in other words make it ‘hybrid’. Use the geofencing techniques to regulate different areas at once and use different bikes for different terrains and/or user demographics. Read more here.
Tuesday 19th September 2017

Ford is getting into buses and bike-sharing, because cars aren’t cutting it anymore

“As a mobility provider, we will collaborate on sustainable solutions that supplement the transportation system in a way that makes sense, particularly in inner city areas. For this reason, we are launching the FordPass bike sharing service together with Germany’s market leader, Call a Bike,” said Steven Armstrong, group vice president and president, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Ford Motor Company, announcing the partnership at New Mobility World, the forum on future mobility at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. Customers will be able to use the FordPass mobile app to register for Call a Bike, find the nearest available bicycle, and pay for it online. The FordPass app can already be used to access Ford‘s car sharing service, to locate parking spaces, or find the lowest fuel prices at nearby garages. “The use of bikes for getting around in our cities and the trend towards sharing will gain increasingly in importance in the years to come. With the new service to be offered in Düsseldorf and Cologne, we are extending the public transport services we provide for our customers with an extremely environmentally friendly mode of transport,” said Sylvia Lier, chair, Board of Management, Deutsche Bahn Connect. “We are delighted that we are now extending the Call a Bike service in partnership with Ford in order to make an even larger cycle hire network available to our customers throughout Germany. All FordPass Bike customers will also be able to use the entire Call a Bike service and vice versa, without having to repeat the initial registration process.” Ford and Deutsche Bahn Connect have since 2013 collaborated on a car sharing service, and in August this year, Ford announced 100,000 free one-year Call a Bike memberships for its customers. “We launched a joint car sharing project four years ago as part of Ford’s s expansion into mobility services,” said Wolfgang Kopplin, deputy chairman, Ford of Germany. “Our bike sharing project is yet another step on the way to implementing this strategy. It will enable us to supplement transportation systems in the cities with a completely pollution-free component and provide an environmentally friendly, and low-cost service for increasing numbers of customers.” Read much more here.

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